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Terms of sale



These conditions are deemed accepted without reserve by any person attending the auction sale. They are part of any sales contract set with the auction house MDC. The French version of these general conditions shall prevail.
These conditions shall take effect in accordance with Monaco’s laws; all disputes and differences will be settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Monaco Principality’s court. 


The authenticity of the coins and medals is guaranteed for the total purchase price, with no time limit. 


Any potential buyers must register with MDC prior to the beginning of the auction sale by filing and signing the registration form and showing an identity card or passport. MDC may require bank reference and/or a guarantee. MDC reserves the right to refuse access to the auction sale to anybody for due reasons.
Those contact details given will be transcribed as is for invoicing, any false details are under the buyer’s responsibility. 


MDC will accept absentee bid form and telephone bids completed with an identity card or passport copy and a bank ac- count number. MDC disclaims all liability in this regard.


To participate to the live online auction, join on the website www.biddr.ch/auctions/mdcmonaco. 


Bidders are deemed to act in their own name, they are personally liable to the payment of the purchase price, of all costs, taxes and commissions in relation with the goods they purchase. Bidders may however act in the name of a third party, subject to the condition that their powers are documented through a proxy signed by the third party and that the latter has been identified and accepted by MDC. 


THE PRICES LISTED ON THE CATALOG ARE THE STARTING PRICES. The higher bid gets the auction. Where several bids are on the
same lot for an identical amount, bids submitted in writing have priority, otherwise the first bid order shall prevail. 


In addition to the auction price, the bidder will have to remit MDC a 20% commission (24% including VAT). 

The auctioneer may levy a 1% monthly interest in case of delayed settlement.
The shipping and handling fees are under the bidder’s responsibility.
Any taxes due abroad, including but not limited to customs duties and taxes are to be fully borne by the buyer. Buyer must comply with any customs regulations, foreign currency exchange regulations and any other regulations abroad. MDC has no responsibility whatsoever for any damage resulting from the breach of such regulations.
The settlement of auction price, costs, taxes and commission to MDC is due immediately upon delivery or prior to the shipment of the goods in euro (€) by: 

- Bank transfer, bank fees at the buyer’s expense.
- Check, the lots will be delivered under reserve MDC account is credited. - Credit card for convenience charge of 2 % at the buyers expense. 

The lot will be delivered to the buyer after full payment of the price, costs and taxes.
For coins dating from before 1500 and worth more than 1500 euros and for coins dating between 1500 and 1922 and worth more than 15000 euros a Cultural item export certificate is required for the shipment in Europe, outside of Europe to this document is added an export license.