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Lotto 83 - Asta numismatica - Napoleone III

Base d'asta:
30.000,00 EUR

Gold medal struck in 1856 by the Gold ingot lottery.
Bust of Napoleon III left. Rv. "M.M.Monnin Japy Président, Perrier Klein R de Bullemont Secrétaire". Dies by Dantzell. With its original red leather case. 265.70 grs - 68mm. The Société des lingots d’or, which means gold ingot company, was created the 3rd of August 1850, its purpose was to send 5000 unemployed to the gold mines of California. They were former soldiers or suspected of having revolutionary opinions. A lottery was set to choose the future settlers and the registered applicants were selected randomly by the prefecture. The lucky winners received a sum of money with a ticket to the United States. The jackpot was a gold ingot worth 400.000 francs (116kg of Gold), it was exhibited boulevard Montmartre in Paris.

Grading/Stato: PCGS SP 63


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Asta numismatica - Napoleone III


Asta: Asta numismatica - Napoleone III

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